Monday, June 22, 2015

A baptism!, a volcano & a picture

Hello friends and family!

Happy Fathers Day (a little late)! Sorry I didnt say it last week but I have thought a lot of dad this week and am so grateful for the example he has set for me all my life. I love the pictures! and his new tshirt... hahaha Dad you look so good! Miss you all!

SO I have a lot to say this week! First off its no secret that these last two weeks or so have been a little hard.  We have just had a lot of people that didnt want to have lessons so it has been difficult to get people to be progressing through the Gospel. I have been keeping my spirits high though, even though sometimes it is hard because you walk and walk and talk and talk, people listen to us because they have a lot of respect for us but Its easy to tell that they dont want to do much more than that... Thats that hardest thing. The Gospel of Christ so something so easy, simple, and beautiful, but the fallout for a lot of people is it requires a bit of sacrifice. People dont want to sacrifice their time, efforts, habits to come closer to Christ. But there are people that do, and the change I see is wonderful.

All these weeks I have been praying for guidance and help, I have been trying my best to work as hard as can and be obedient. I dont accept average, I always want to push myself to do something more and accomplish more, which can be difficult at times because this work is not easy. But the Lord knows me, and knows all of us, every trial, pain, affliction, and error. He is our Savior, brother, Redeemer, and he loves us. God blessed us with a gift more precious than I could have imagined. This Saturday we had a Baptism. We came across an old investigator, who had been living all she needed to and wanted to be baptized. In fact, she was able to get baptized at the end of the week. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have in my mission to help others come unto Christ, The joy I feel as I see others get filled with this joy is indescribable. Her name is Gloria, and her husband is already a member. God always hears our prayers.

This week hasnt been without struggle though. Always it can be difficult dealing with other missionaries, everybody just has there own idea in what makes a good missionary. But its been good, i really love the work. Sadly yesterday Ercelias husband returned to drinking, and told us that he doesnt want us to come by anymore, which is really hard on Ercelia because she wants to be baptized still. So now we are really praying the the Lord will touch her husbands heart, and we can continue to progress, but right now we just have to wait.

BUT HEY. Yesterday we noticed the sky was abnormally white. Apparently the volcano was smoking more than normal, and it distorted our view to the point we could barely see the volcano. We got put on a volcano watch! How cool is that! What other missions you get put on volcano watch and our given an evacuation plan, I love this country. But nothing happened, just a precaution. The volcano last erupted only two years ago. Also, because i am in the best mission in the world, I am going paint-balling today!!! President Vasquez not only approved it, but he is going to come play with us down here in San Miguel. I am so pumped. Never thought I would be able to do THAT on a mission huh. 

Anyways, like always its good to hear from everybody. Glad everyone is doing good, and you guys are always in my prayers. Love you all!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Volcano watch! Wow, that is pretty unusual. I hope you stay safe! How wonderful to have a baptism!