Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 3 in the MTC!

Hey Everyone! so its my third week here and that means we are now halfway done with the CCM. I couldn't be more excited to go out in the field even though my Spanish is very limited. I am already losing my English which actually makes me happy because it means that my Spanish is starting to become more a part of me. The days are mostly the same here but the Elders in my district have a good time none the less (we have to so we don't go insane). Ive gotten really close with Elder Forsyth who goes to BYUI as well as Elder Steiner who is from Scottsdale and attends BYU Provo although he is a little older and doesnt have much schooling left after the mission. My companion is awesome. I know I dont talk about him a lot but we get along very well and have a good time. He is from Idaho and has awesome farm boy stories that entertain me for days. The new Elders and Latinos are pretty cool although I do really miss the ones that left last week. Anyways we got to go to the temple agin today and SURPRISE the whole thing was in Spanish for us because we had to go an hour later than the other Nortes so that was quite the experience. Despite the whole time not knowing for sure what was happening due to the language barrier the Spirit breaks through all barriers of language, culture, anything and I loved being there. The investigators we teach are progressing well. One of them named Gabriel is starting to listen to more of our messages for him but we still are having trouble getting him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so that is the goal for the week. We had a devotional on Sunday and Hermana Providence spoke. She was a convert from around here and she gave one of the greatest testimonies on our call to preach to the Lamanites here on the Earth today. It was awesome to think I am closer to teaching the real life descendants of the Lamanites here on the Earth today and there is new meaning now when I read the stories en the Libro de Mormon because it all applies directly to me. We also listened to a really good devotional by Elder Holland on the atonement and missionary work. He gave it in 2006 and his testimony and view on the atonement was one of the most powerful I have ever heard and really opened my eyes to my purpose here on this Earth. I dont have super awesome stories yet due to the fact that we cant leave the CCM hardly ever except when we go to the temple and are escorted by guards armed with shotguns but despite that this place is awesome. I wish I could explore more of the country side.  Thats mostly all I have to say this week but Id like to end with my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. The fullness of the Gospel has without a doubt been restored to us through a living prophet. THe book of Mormon is evidence of this and if you dont know for certain this is true I urge you with all my heart to read and ponder and pray to God asking for the truthfulness of the words it contains and I promise you will recieve an answer through the Spirit. Three weeks into my mission has already changed my life in ways I wish everybody can experience. Like the Book of Mormon heroes, the Sons of Mosiah, the thought of anybody not having the happiness and peace that comes with the Gospel is painful to the soul. I Love what I am doing and cant wait to serve the people of El Salvador.

P.S. if you want to make me a happy Elder actual letters are better than life itself here even if I dont always have the time to write back.                                        

With Love, Elder Nelson

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