Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1 Month in the CCM!

Hey Guys!!! 1 Month down can you believe it?!!!! Sometimes i feel like I've been here for years and other days I fell like I just arrived. You are now currently talking to the Oldest and most experiences group of missionaries in the CCM! Thats crazy. The other elders in the group just above us left this morning and it was sad to see them go. Four of them i had roomed with since I got here and I got really close with them and plan on seeing them when I get home. A couple of the Elders and Hermanas that I was really close to will be serving in the Santa Ana mision which is right next to mine so I hope I can see them out there even though it is unlikely. Anyways I am super excited for this General COnference weekened as long as Easter Weekend. How great is it that we will be able to hear from living prophets of the Lord guiding and directing us in this day. We were supposed to go out today and try to place some Book of Mormons at the main market but there is a travel warning for USA travelers here right now because i guess weekend can get pretty crazy. Mom and Dad I cant believe you guys are in Germany! That sounds like so much fun I bet you guys are having the time of your life. Make sure you share all the good stories when I get back because i will want to hear. THe work here is coming along good the Spanish is still hard and I am no where near where I want to be but I am getting better. Today me and Elder Putnam went to the distribution center and these girls came up and starting speaking to us in Spanish and I could not understand a thing they were saying. But I guess I just have to get used to hearing it being spoken fast which is how it is in the feild. Oh yeah I had an awesome experience this week. So we had a few less active investigators come in and my teacher felt like me and my companion should go teach them a lesson. I was so nervous i was basically shaking because I knew natives were hard to understand and my spanish is still very broken but they insisted we go. When we went to teach him he was super nice and told us he was an ex missionary. When we asked him about church he said life got hard and he learned he had to rely on himself and not God so he stopped going to Church. I felt prompted I should share a verse and I actually wasnt really sure what the verse was but I decided to pull it out anyways and it was the verse in Ether on receiving a witness of your faith after you show you have it. He paused and in broken English, because he wanted to make sure we would understand what he said, he told us we were going to be great missionaries and this was exactly what he needed. The spirit flooded the room and brought tears to my eyes and I felt a joy unlike anything I have ever felt before. I know that bringing others unto the Gospel
and living the commandments of the Lord is the joy and direction we all search in our life. The feeling was so pure and joyous I knew I could feel the Love of God for us. I want nothing more than for everyone than to live and share the gospel in such a way that they can feel and live with these feelings for the rest of their lives. I am super excited to leave for EL Salvador in two weeks and preach Salvation and Eternal Life unto these great and humble people in Central America. Anyways I really am ready to leave the CCM. I am sick
of sitting in classes all day but know there is still some i need to learn. These past two weeks have honestly gone by so fast it feels like Its been a couple days. That makes me anxious and excited because I hear these next two weeks go by just as fast and before I know it I will be loading on a bus full of Latinos at three in the morning and be heading into the field I have been called to serve. Seeing Elders and Hermanas that I loved leave the morning and wishing them luck until we reunite reminded me of how this work can be hard at times but our sadness was short lived as we remembered what we have been called by a Prophet of the Lord to do.  We are preaching the most important message on the face of the Earth. A message that can allow us to live with our heavenly father and families for eternity and it has been entrusted into my hands as a 19 year old. Thats insane and humbling that the Lord has that kind of trust in me. Well, there isn't much more to say now because things are mostly the same everyday but I thank you all for the prayers and wishes on my behalf. I really do feel so blessed. One more write home after this and then the next time you hear from me after that I will be in the field. The new Nortes and Latinos come in tomorrow morning and I hope they are cool becuase I am going to most likely have to share a room with a couple. Love and Miss You all and hope all is going well down there.
  (P.S. I heard One Direction had broken up. I actually am slightly torn up about it.)

Elder Nelson

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