Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 2 in the MTC + Pictures!!

  So this week has been quite the ride. i dont really know what to say or how to say it. First off i want to talk about last week a little. I feel more comfortable talking about it now that I am not right in the middle of it. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I would be lying if i said I didnt think about coming home at least a couple times, and i know i am not the only one here that feels that way. A lot of Elders have been having a hard time here with the Language and the expectations and the homesickness. Nothing more than the strength brought from the Spirit of the Lord as well as our dedication to not give up kept us going. Now that i am two weeks in, it is still hard but I am a lot more comfortable with it.  
  We had a new investigator this week and his name was Gabriel. He was super catholic and wanted nothing to do with us. It was probably the hardest leasson i have ever taught. Even if i could speak in English I think it would have been near impossible so i just bore my testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel and we are gonna regroup and try to visit him again later this week. 
  On sunday we had a lesson on the health and saftey rules and expectations for our mission. Now i know there are people that love me that read this, one of them being my mother.... so i will spare the details and it sufficeth me to say.... please pray for me. Hahah no but really we really take for granted the things and privileges we have in the US. I got to have a glimpse into what my life will be like the next two years in the hot and humid El Salvador and i was fearful for my life at some times and cant imagine having to deal with that everyday. the people here really are quite remarkable. But I am not overly worried because I know and have been testified to that if i am exactly obedient to the will of the Lord and rules of my mission President I will be protected. Im not saying nothing will happen to me but i know i will be watched over and I am excited to serve. 
   The oldest Nortes left early this morniong as well as the Latinos and it was really sad to see them go. I had gotten close to them these two weeks. Tomorrow the new nortes will arrive, there will be about 18 of them which is a lot, and probably 30 or 40 Latinos so i look forward to that . Elder Matatui who just left to Hondurus was my Zone leader so as District leader i worked a lot with him. he is an awesome dude and it was sad to see him go. As district leader basically i just have to sit through meetings that I understand almost nothing in because its all in Spanish and then lead and help my district. Ill try to attach a picture of both my district which is about 12 of us and then our zone.  The MTC is a little bit less than double the people you will see in the Zone picture in case you were wondering about how big it is here. 
   Anyways we had the chance to go to the Temple again this morning and i absolutely love it. The spirit was so strong there because we got up at 530 to go and because of that sacrifrice I truly believe the Lord blessed us to feel his Love even more than usual. I want to thank you all for you prayers and support. There have been times I have felt almost physically lifted from the faith and love of family and friends when i felt too tired, too inadequate and too weak to do the Lords work. The days here are long, working nonstop from 630 till 1030. with no breaks except to eat and an hour to workout. 
   I miss all of you back home still very much and think of you guys often but I know this is where I need to be. I testify with all my heart that if you get on your knees and pray with all your might and do it all the time you can you can actually accomplish anything and everything that is set in front of you. This week has gone by a lot better though. Guatemala City is actually in the mountains about the same elvation as Salt Lake City so although it is hot and humid is it bearable. However i did talk to a Hermana that was the doctor for the El Salvador area and she said it was 10 times more hot and humid so i am enjoying it will i can. We have been given a lot of lessons of how to purify water and food because apparently they have been having a lot of problems with contaminated food and water with deceases, bacteria, worms and who know what else. I also had to get a couple more shots and due to my intense hatred and fear of getting shots appartently i looked like i was about to pass out so President Cox made sure to give me a hard time about that. 
   Well i think that is all for this week. once again I thank you all for the love and support. I testify that Christ lives and completed the Atonement for us. I know the The gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through a living prophet Joseph Smith. I know that this gospel can bless our families and our lives without measure and i know anyone can feel of this love and blessing in their lives by studying and praying about the book of Mormon and asking God if what you read and study is true everytime you read it. Till next week. 

Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson's District

Elder Nelson's Zone.  

"The MTC is a little bit less than double the people you will see in the Zone picture in case you were wondering about how big it is here."

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