Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Its crazy to think that it is already 2017! Thinking about it, this year has really flown by and I cant believe from beginning to end I have been here serving in El Salvador... life is crazy some times. Well I guess I can give you guess an update on whats going on... so I had changes and monday night and tuesday I had to say goodbye to a lot of people and that was a little hard. I really love the people back there in Apopa. But yeah so that was that and then Wednesday we got a ride out to the bus stop with all my things. There i was informed of my new area... I am currently in USULTAN! Its about 40 minutes from San Miguel where I started the mission! I was really surprised that I would be being back out to oriente for this last change and did not expect to come out here. It seems pretty cool out here, and by cool I am not talking about the weather because it is SUPER HOT. Reminds me of my first months in the mission... But my area is out in the fields and away from the city so it is cool to leave the city and be back in the country side and it is definitely a way different feel. My companion is Elder Quintana,,, he is from Guatemala and has about 6 months in the mission. He has a big love for the people and likes to work so it should be a good change. There are a lot of people here to work with and we are hoping to have a couple baptisms in this change so we are praying that everything goes as planned. 
So that was pretty much my week, also I am district leader again which is cool even though I was kind of hoping to die in peace but my district is pretty cool and really young, there is another missionary here, Elder Aller that is from the white mountains... Showlow I think? so that has been cool. This week I have just been getting to know the members, the ward here is pretty cool and seems like a good place to work. Thanks for all the support and for the prayers I wish everyone a Happy New Years and hope the best! 

Elder Nelson

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