Monday, January 9, 2017

4 Weeks Left?

Well everyone I hope you guys are enjoying January... I cant believe it is Janurary becasue here in Usulután it is extremely hot and I am sun burnt and pass all day sweating on dirt roads. But hey, I was looking for a way to lose a little weight my last change so I guess this works? Anyways this week was pretty good, I am getting to know the área a Little better and the members here are really nice and good with the missionaries. We have been able to find a couple of people to teach and work with us which is always a huge plus especially when everyones husbands works all day. We have two couples, Isabel and Miguel, and Celina and Oscar, who are planning on getting married in these upcoming two weeks and then after to get baptized.  So we have been busy planning the weddings and helping them with all the paperwork. We are hoping it goes through because they really want to be baptized so they can become members of the church and receive all the blessings that God has promised them. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We were able to fast this week and that was a great experience.  I love being able to fast for my investigators and thinking of them instead of myself.  I feel like those fasts are way more meaningful. These last couple days It has been kind of hard to keep my mind focused.  More than anything in the night times when I am not as busy and sometimes baggy, thoughts get into my mind and its harder to get going after that. I think more than anything in these last weeks we are trying to lose ourselves in the work because I am starting to realize that soon I will have to stop being a full time missionary and that is getting harder and harder to face. But it should be a good week.  We have multi Zonas, which will be my last one and I love the chances we get to hear Pte Vasquez teach.  He is such an inspired man. Thanks for everything and for the love and support! Till next Week!

Elder Nelson

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  1. way to hang in there Elder Nelson! I'm proud of you for keeping your focus on service and your important missionary work. It is crazy to think of you being so hot, when everywhere else I hear about is getting tons of rain and snow! We're even getting rain, which is a huge blessing because we've been in such a drought. I hope your 2 couples are able to g t married this week, and baptized! Such a great blessing!