Monday, August 22, 2016

Sending home Elder Markham, baptisms, apartment searching and Pictures!

Hello everybody! Hope everyone is doing good as always. Happy Birthday Bree!!! hope you enjoyed your birthday and wish I could have been there. WEEEELLLLL not much that I have to say this week it went by pretty fast. This is the last week of Elder Markham and it was pretty good. We did a lot of divisions as always on Tuesday and Wednesday and we were able to get 11 baptisms in the zone this week. This week we worked normally but we didn't have quite as many people come to church like other weeks but hopefully this week they all come back. Its been really good working with Elder Markham this week and I'm going to miss him.  I'm worried about who my next companion is going to be. i should get him on Wednesday. I believe it is someone from Guatemala but im not certain. These last couple days have been a lot harder because everyone is saying goodbye to my companion and it makes you think a little more about home than you would like. Im now officially starting to feel old in the mission and cant tell if the time that is left is a lot or a little. But in the meantime, there isnt much to do but work so thats what I will do. We pretty much have all the same investigators but we did get a baptismal date for the 10th for a girl named Emily that seems pretty sure. I am hoping for a lot of baptisms in the month of september if everything goes well. 
Today we went to the office and then I went with my companion to buy some gifts in San Salvador. I have eaten sooooooooo muuuuuhcccchhhhhh recently and officially feel pretty fat. Im gonna try to get myself into better shape these next months. Welllllllll thats about all I can think to write. We are opening a new area in our zone this change so its going to jump up to about 22 elders in the zone so we will probably spend some time this week looking for a house for the new elders to stay because if not they will probably stay with us. Hope everything is going great.  Love you all and love the mission and love my Savior! TIll next week!

Elder Nelson

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