Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello everyone... the earth says hello!

Hi friends and family and that occasional unknown person that somehow finds their way to reading this letter, you are all welcome. WEEEELLLLL this week has been a busy one. Where to start............ well first off thats cool that BYU is playing U of A in the home opener. hope they can make a good start to the season and stand their own out there against the big boys from AZ. Cant believe its already football season again... thats crazy. Anyways its a new change and a week has already gone by. My companion is Elder Guzman from Guatemala and he is a pretty cool guy and has a lot of energy which is fun. He has one more change (6 weeks) more than I do so he is getting up there to about the 20 month mark. Yeah... Im starting to feel old here. Anyways Elder Markham went home on Wednesday and Tuesday was basically just full of saying goodbyes. It was hard to see him go but hey thats the mission life, time moves on. We are working super hard to try and get these baptisms to go through and hope for the best. We have a lot of people that are just so close to making the decision so we are pretty excited but patient. All in its time. This week we are going to be able to go to the temple to do a session which is awesome!!!!!  We go 2 times a year so this could be my last time going with the zones..... baggy moment. Not really. im not too baggy.  i still have a lot of drive so im hoping it lasts for these last months. Also we will have interviews with president which is always awesome. he always teaches great things that keep me animated. Other than that we worked this week. Tomorrow we hopefully have two baptism interviews so thse next couple weeks we hope there are baptisms. We are just really working hard becasue I see too many people being baptized and then falling away so we really just want to baptize true converts. Its been a hassel dealing with the zone because its one of the biggest in the mission. so we are usually up pretty late doing verifying which starts to wear one down week after week. But are zone is pretty fun and with the change it should be good. I really want this family Sanchez to get baptized this month. they are some of my favorite investigators and are so close.  They just lack a little bit of the desire but have already come to church three times in a row so we know that their answer will come. just got to keep praying and working. Prayers and faith and work mixed together make miracles. Love seeing God's hand in every little thing. Thanks for all the support love you guys!!

Elder Nelson

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