Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Monday!!

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Sounds like a crazy week! First off congrats on dad for being famous!!!! 10 seconds of fame, the camera does you good! hahaha good to hear everything went well there. And wow Congrats to the Bell Famly! Kevin you are going to be an awesome bishop its not surprising to me that the Lord called you! You got support and prayers coming from El Salvador!! Also congrats officially to Gater and Curt for being home and what not (now just dont forget about us youngins in the mission here. a care package or two would be awesome thanks) hahah no just kidding. Hope everything goes well in the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Cant beilieve June has already passed by! Super fast. 

Anyways this week was better. Something crazy happened, the sister missionaries in our ward got taken out of the area. One of them went home and so President took them out and didnt put anyone new in. I think he is trying to motivate the branch to start working more. But that means that the branch area is just us!! This branch used to have 6 missionaries and its huge but right now its just us so we spent a long time this week looking for members and investigators and being lost! Plus its rainy season and we have been getting these huge flash rain storms this week. Its hot and super clear in the day and within 15 minutes a huge storm comes. One day this week we got stuck outside and the water was up to my knees in the street! Super crazy and ill never forget it. Me and my companion are getting along better. I am learning to be more humble. Pride creates contention and contention drives away the spirit. Ive seen big changes in myself as ive focused on that. But anyways we have a ton of lessons already planned this week because a bunch of members are starting to help us. We also have a lot of service projects planned this week.

Anayways thats all thats happened this week. I have a strong testimony of this church and the book of mormon. I have seen the rise and fall spritually of people and families and a lot has to do if they are reading the book of mormon. Elder Duncan taught us, if you want to be inactive, all you have to do is stop reading the scriptures. Its so true. Love you guys. take care!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Stay safe Elder Nelson! Those storms sound crazy indeed! I love your advice from Elder Duncan about reading the scriptures. So true!! IT's a sure way to stay strong, and committed by consistent scripture study. I spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, and my talk was on How the Scriptures help inform our choices and keep us on the true path. I love the Book of Mormon and all the scriptures!