Monday, March 14, 2016

Big Changes

Hello everyone! It is so good to hear from all of you! sounds like it was a pretty good and normal and hot week. here in El Salvador A LOT of things happened this week and I hope I can remember everything to tell you guys so here goes! Ps.. Mom and Jess.... I'm digging the hair cuts.

So on Monday last night I got the call that I don't get very often... changes! I was told I would be moving areas. Only my third area in over a year, which is little for this mission. Anyways I had to move out on Wednesday morning. It was kind of nerve racking because without change meetings they still don't tell you where you are going. they just tell you you have to get to a certain meeting spot at a certain time and Good Luck! I was kind of nervous because i was put in charge of 6 other missionaries getting them and all their stuff to San Salvador in time for a bus. And just so you guys know traveling in public buses in this country with all your bags in the place that just got rated the most dangerous place in the world (Woot Woot!) is quite the experience. Anyways I said quick goodbyes to my area and when I arrived they told me I would be in.... San Vicente! Yes I am here in San Vicente which is weird because its like in the middle of no where. Not really part of Central or the East and the zone is really spread out so we take a lot of buses to travel from area to area. My area is really small but its good. I am excited to work here. My companion is Elder Xallace and he is from Idaho. He has about 17 months in the mission and he is really good. Actually we are exactly the same person which makes things kind of weird but cool. we get along really well. Oh and I am here as Zone Leader too. That makes things interesting. I am learning how to do that and I already went on divisions with the assistants to President in San Miguel. I saw a couple of people there from my first area and it was cool because they still remember me. Anyways that was my crazy week. Basically just going back and forth from my area to San Miguel to San Salvador all week. Tomorrow we have leadership meeting with Prez and then my first Zone Conference on Wed

The branch here has about 150 members which is huge and the church is really nice. Its a branch because we are in a District but its in the process of becoming a stake so I am honored to be a part of that transition. Note... Missionaries in this country play a big part in the decisions of the church. Anyways that's all I have time to say.  love you guys so much and thanks for all the support. I love my Savior and all the trust and help he has given me; with him all is possible. Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

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