Monday, August 3, 2015

Hermanos y Hermanas

Hello! Another Monday is here, I feel like it was just P day. The time flies by, I feel like I am so new in the mission still (and I still am) but I am starting to put some time under my belt. I realized that Elder McCook, Elder Hunter, and Elder Farnsworth all should be over a year now! That's really awesome, its cool to see people spending time of their lives to better the lives of other people as well.

Anyways news news news... Oh yeah... I am right now currently in a trio! Wednesday I got a call from the asistentes and they told me I'm going to be training! Its a little weird because we are right in the middle of a change, but late Wednesday night I received Elder Burgos! He is from Honduros and I'm honored to be his trainer. Its weird to be in a group of three and we have to get used to teaching in that way but we working through it. SO we dont know for sure yet but since I'm his trainer I feel like Ill be here in this area for a couple more months until I finish his training. Its bittersweet, I love this ward and area but always want to get to know other parts of the mission. But, we are having success in the area, and who would want to leave that?

This week we had a cool experience. We had the opportunity to fast and we are really praying that these bautismal that we have planned in the next couple weeks will all go through. We were really worried about Flor, who we had to change her date a couple times. Saturday night we passed by and she told us that she has a firm desire to be baptized on the 16 of Agosto and has the support of her family to do so. We are very excited and grateful for the answer to prayers! Also another of our investigators Jose is progressing and loves the church so much that we are going to move his bautismal to the 15 of Agosto. Awesome things coming up for us!

Anyways that's most of the news coming from San Miguel. Its awesome to see the protection that is given to missionaries here in the mission. Its no secret that this place can be dangerous but many times the people here recognize who we are and what we are doing and let us do the Lords work with little or no problems. Such a blessing! I love the work, even through its really really hot. Supposed to be over 100 all this week and humid! I love to share my testimony, and i know that Christ is my savior. Through his and his atonement, we can feel the burdens of our mistakes take away from us completely. Through him, we can have all the joys and happiness that we should experience in life, and only through Him and his gospel we have true happiness. The Book of Mormon is the key to this, as it is a testament to him and answers all the questions we are looking for in life. Love you all and am thankful for everything!

Oh I forgot to say this week we have a temple trip this Thursday but for the investigadores! I was assigned to give the opening prayer in front of everyone! Im kinda nervous

Elder Nelson

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