Monday, May 4, 2015

2 Months + Pictures!!

So first thing first Congratulations to Jessie and Kevin with the birth of Navy Kapri Bell. She is absolutely beautiful and I cant wait to get to know her when I get home. Also, for the record, Navy was my name that I gave Jessie because I loved that name so I hope I am getting the credit I deserve. But really I thought about you guys a lot this week and am so excited for you guys and happy everyone is healthy. I am super excited to be able to skype back home next Sunday.  We are going to look for a members house that we can do it at but I will be able to talk a lot more about my experiences at that time. This week has been really good. In the moment it felt so long but looking back I felt like I just wrote home like 3 days ago. You really do find yourself when you lose yourself in the work. We worked really hard this week and have a couple promising baptism dates. But the biggest struggle is getting people to come to Church. My spanish is coming a long i guess. people tell me I am actually doing better than expected with it which is good to hear because I am more hard on my myself than anything. Oh yeah so last Tuesday i randomly got called in for an interview with President Vasquez... just me and like two other Elders who were about to leave the mission and here I am with two weeks and an interview and nobody knew why. It was a super awesome talk with Pres but im still not a hundred percent sure why I had the interview. There is just a rumor going around that I am going to get changes after this change at the end of this month and finish training somewhere else. But its just a rumor. Anyways other than that we just work a lot. I went into the capital for immigration also so I believe I am now an official citizen of El Salvador. The homesickness and what not is better. I actually really enjoy the mission and I can already tell it will get hard to leave. The members here are amazing people and i love to talk with them. The food here and the pupusas... nothing compares. So good. I am getting along with my companion really well and am learning to work with other people a lot better. Pres Vasques said I might be a leader really soon after my training so I am really nervous because of the language and if I will be a good leader but i will do my best at any job the Lord calls me to do and he will help me. I love the work so much. Love it all, the thirst, fatigue, blood, sweat, rain and puddles to my knees, blisters, homesickness, I love it all. Its the biggest sacrifice I have ever done but so many blessings come because of it. I don't know who reads theses emails honestly but if anybody is reading this that is preparing for a mission I plea with you to really prepare. Prepare for the most remarkable time of your life. Prepare physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Because in my short time here, I have been pushed to almost my limit in all these aspects. But we are called by a prophet of the Lord, and I have actually seen and felt angels of the Lord helping me every step of the way. That's what obedience brings. Faith brings obedience and obedience brings miracles. That is a true principle for everyone's life. Till Next Week! 

I am trying to send a picture of my house and then my district. My companion Elder Acosta is right next to me. The other blonde is Elder Beecher and so far he is probable my closest friend we get along super well and he has about a year.

Also, here is the aftermath of when a bunch of members put their face in flour during a noche de hogar (family home evening). hahahahahah they love to pick on white people. Especially the youngins. We have fun too.

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  1. Elder Nelson, the pictures are great! It's good to see where you live and who your companion is and your district. I'm so glad you're already becoming accustom to the people and the area, and that you are enjoying your mission. I can already sense your growth! You're a wonderful young man. Much love!