Thursday, April 16, 2015

Letter from President and Sister Vasquez

We are the Vasquez family in San Salvador. We received Elder Nelson here. He is very well prepared and has great faith. We are grateful to serve with him here in this part of the Lord's vineyard. Thank you for preparing him so very well--he is a fine young man. I hope your family receives many blessings for the sacrifice you have made to bring the gospel to many of God’s children here on earth. I know you will see God’s hand in your life and the life of your son during his mission. One of the promises of God to his missionaries is that they will be protected and watched over.

His preparation day is every Monday. He can write and read your email on that day. He sends his love to all of you.

The best way to send packages is by US mail as these will arrive directly to our office without any fees or problems. The address to send packages to is:

            Elder Chad Nelson
Misión El Salvador San Salvador Este
PO Box # 3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Central America

We love our missionaries. We love and appreciate their faithful families. We pray that, together, we will all grow in our personal conversion to the Lord. We are working diligently to convert more than just the people of El Salvador. We so appreciate your faith and prayers on behalf of all our missionaries here.

President and Sister Vasquez
San Salvador El Salvador East Mission

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